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Trend of 2024: XL shields

Among the top trends of this season, distinctive XL shields clearly belong. These futuristic, typically oversized glasses with flat, shield-shaped lenses cover a large part of the face. They have become an indispensable part of fashion shows or streetwear culture, and are designed for those who are definitely not afraid to show themselves.

Why choose XL shields?

You can find versions of this trend in both sunglasses and prescription glasses in a variety of colors and finishes, including clear or tinted lenses. Whether you choose them in bold geometric shapes or subtle curves, you can count on high-quality materials such as light metals or durable plastics that offer both style and functionality

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TIP #1: Controleer de maat van je huidige bril

  • Controleer de binnenkant van je bril. Vaak staat daar een serienummer met de montuurmaat, wat er bijvoorbeeld zo uitziet: 52 [] 22 145
  • Gegevens over de montuurmaat staan vaak in de binnenkant van de bril, de tempels of de neusbrug
Controleer de maat van je huidige bril

TIP #2: Gebruik een betaalpas

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